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Welcome to the Web of Life Wellness Center
Thank you for your interest in exploring the benefits of Integrative Medicine.  Your interest reflects a desire to become an active participant in your own health care.  Integrative medicine is an evolutionary process that weaves together a wide variety of healing modalities, which may range from conventional western medicine to acupuncture and herbology. 

Our goal is to assist you on your path to optimal well being.  Because this perspective seeks to uncover root causes of dis-ease while simultaneously treating the symptomatic branches, it requires a thorough examination of one’s current situation, lifestyle and history.  This comprehensive approach to health requires commitment, time and energy from all of us.

Integrative medicine seeks to distill and synthesize the very best and most effective parts of many traditions. It’s practitioners are working to formulate a comprehensive and internally consistent world view which is life affirming and puts the patients health, not their disease, at its center. Core to its philosophy is the idea that health is more than the absence of disease and that we can all potentially achieve our own optimal state of health and well being. Integrative medicine also champions the idea that we are all unique and individual, that we will all respond differently to the nutrients in our diet, the toxins in our environment and treatments for our maladies and that this individuality must be considered in every patient encounter.

Integrative medicine’s goal is not to abandon Western medical science as some fear but, through honest evaluation, to recognize and incorporate its many miraculous triumphs and contributions while at the same time humbly admitting its limitations as well. Nor is it the goal of integrative medicine to blur all distinctions between independent systems and create an unidentifiable conglomerate of them all.

The ultimate cure for our increasing chronic diseases probably does not lie in yet another drug or remedy.  It instead will be remedied with a change in our consciousness, with a shift from viewing ourselves as isolated entities to understanding and fully embodying the knowledge that we are each an integral part of a magnificent whole. From this change in our consciousness will come the needed changes in our actions. To become whole again is to recognize our holiness.  Within this lies our health and our response ability to heal.